October 11, 2017 2 min read

On the internet today there are many products that are said to ‘’ treat hair loss’’. How many of them are actually FDA proven to treat hair loss?  

The HairMax is the first and only medical device cleared by the FDA for the promotion of hair growth. HairMax is one of only two other treatments that have obtained this type of clearance from the FDA. 

Who are the FDA?

The Food and Drug Administration is a federal agency in the U.S. that helps protect and promote public health. They do this by controlling and supervising food safety and a variety of products that could put the public at risk, such as; dietary supplements, prescription drugs, vaccines and medical products. 

Why choose HairMax?

  1. Proven to promote hair growth –

HairMax works through a process known as Photo-Biostimulation which is similar to photosynthesis which causes growth in plants. HairMax Laser devices utilise Laser Phototherapy, which delivers visible light in the red spectrum. HairMax delivers this therapeutic, nourishing light energy to your hair follicles to stimulate growth factors, extend the growth phase of hair, and help restore a healthy hair growth cycle. This results in new hair growth with increased density, fullness and vibrancy.

  1. Start seeing results at as little as 12 weeks!! –

Results from treatment with the HairMax laser devices takes time, as hair grows ½ inch a month, so do not expect to see results ‘overnight’. Users typically begin to see results within 12 to 16 weeks, so it is important to take the ‘long view’ and give the devices time to work.

  1. No ongoing costs –

HairMax is a product with a one-off payment! There is also a money back guarantee before 5 months; if the product is faulty then we will be able to give you a free refund. Other than that, there a no ongoing costs.

  1. No prescription necessary –

HairMax is not a medical treatment, meaning that you don’t need to go to the doctors to get a prescription. Just buy straight online with no hassles.

  1. No side effects to worry about –

There have never been any reports of harmful side effects occurring from using the HairMax laser devices, in the past 15 years that the devices have been on the market, nor from the clinical trials.

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