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From style tips and hair care techniques, to understanding hair loss and advice on what to do, to testimonials and customer feedback, we've got you covered in the HairMax blog!

Let there be light - Low Level Laser Light !

Science recognises that all life forms, regardless of how primitive or how advanced, derive life-giving sustenance from the sun’s energy. Since the dawn of time, the sun has been the source of all life on earth.Becaus...

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Hair Loss Myths

As we grow older the idea we do naturally worry about some form of hair loss. Worrying about hair loss or hair thinning is very common, and this leads to a huge amount of misinformation being passed around regarding t...

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Hair Loss, Thinning and Miniaturisation

At some point in time, men and women will notice their hair strands becoming shorter. The texture of their hair will also be noticeably more brittle and weaker. Over time, the hair becomes remarkably thinner, their sc...

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How Does Hair Grow?

To understand how hair grows, we first need to look at its parts. Hair is made up of two parts: the follicle and the shaft. The shaft grows from the follicle, which is the root of the hair located beneath the skin. Th...

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Quick and Easy Hair Styling Tips

These quick & easy hair styling tips will save you time so you can have beautiful hair AND you can get your beauty sleep! Style the night before - There are many different ways you can wear your hair to bed to a...

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Want a healthy head of hair this summer?

Summer is approaching and we’ve got some of the best tips to keep your hair in the best condition. The summer sun can cause a negative effect on your hair. The high humidity content in the atmosphere settles on your h...

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Top foods to help hair loss

Many people suffer from hair loss and they can start to feel a loss in confidence and self-esteem. A lot of people want to hold onto their hair for as long as possible, so here are the top 10 foods to help you combat ...

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What ‘Clinically Proven’ actually means !

Choosing a product to treat hair loss can be a very difficult decision, what with all the information on the internet claiming that they are ‘clinically proven’ to work.  Therefore, it is vital to really understand wh...

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How come men are obsessed with their hair?

In recent years there’s been as surge in male styles that are trending and men have out-searched women when it comes to follicular fashion - according to Google. So, in a time of increasing metro sexuality, when a new...

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Is there a cure for Baldness?

In the recent weeks there’s been a lot of speculation that scientists have found the cure for baldness! Experts used stem cells from mice to grow skin with hair follicles and this closely resembled natural hair better...

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Why are humans so hairy?

Human hair is undoubtedly strange. Most of our hair is short and wispy, though in some places it’s thick and curly. Compared to our primates, we are practically bald. The two types of hair – Our human hair comes in tw...

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Do Helmets Cause Hair Loss?

There has been much discussion about the impact of helmets on hair loss. Fortunately there has been zero scientific evidence of the connection between the two. However, some unofficial research has provided some links...

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