January 29, 2018 2 min read

In recent years there’s been as surge in male styles that are trending and men have out-searched women when it comes to follicular fashion - according to Google.

So, in a time of increasing metro sexuality, when a new male beauty product hits the shelves every week, Google's latest findings beg the question: do men now care more about their hairstyles than women?

For men, hair can be seen as a big part of their personality and masculinity. A classic case of the modern man’s obsession with his hair is the man bun. Men fear the retreat of their hair more than anything. However, there are plenty of men who look good bald - this is because we might not remember their appearance when they had hair! 

Men have started to realise and understand how important image can be, how having a great haircut is a key part of giving a good first impression. It seems more and more men are moving towards men’s grooming to seek out new better hairstyles. The male beauty market has indeed exploded in recent years, with new companies springing up every other week to sell new hair or skincare products. From exclusively male under eye moisturiser to organic moustache wax, there are lots of goods hitting the market that would undoubtedly have been laughed out of boardrooms not a decade ago.

Men do want their hair to look good, but they also want to have the results immediately – a lot of women enjoy trying out different styles that takes a lot longer to achieve. Many women may also look to friends for advice rather than online at Google images or tutorials posted on YouTube.

Men see their hair as a way to show off their personality - They are starting to catch up women !

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