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Shredding Strands –

It’s normal to shed 50 – 100 hairs a day, but anything more than this can be significant. If you have an event that causes hair loss, it usually takes six to twelve weeks for your hair to fall out. If the underlying issue isn’t too serious, just manage your health. Eat well, manage your stress levels and improve the quality of the hair products you use.

Dandruff –

This is due to an overgrowth of yeast found on the scalp. Skin cells then divide too fast, resulting in white flakes. There are other causes of dandruff which include certain foods such as cheese and spicy food etc. Look for shampoos that are anti-microbial. An ingredient called Piroctone Olamine will help get rid of the dandruff in your hair.

Thinning Hair –

It usually occurs if hair follicles are naturally sensitive to certain hormones. But nutritional deficiencies, imbalances and stress can also lead to thinning. The first thing to do is to ask your GP for a blood test to rule out any underlying health issues. A daily application of scalp treatments can help protect your follicles from further thinning.

Going Grey –

As we age it’s normal to notice grey strands, most of us have half a head of hair that’s grey. Ageing and grey hair is more fragile, so use a pre-shampoo conditioning treatment once a week to strengthen your hair strands.

Greasy Strands  –

It all comes down to excess oil on your scalp, but there are various reasons why it can happen. In some cases, it’s due to the sebum glands over-producing oil. If you’re finding that your hair feels greasy even after washing it, try something volumising, which should keep it light and bouncy. Even if your scalp seems super oily, conditioner is still really important to keep your hair nourished.

Breaking & Snapping –

Things that reduce your hairs’ strength and elasticity, and cause it to break more easily, include chemical processing (such as bleaching and highlighting), keratin straightening treatments, UV, salt and chlorinated water exposure, perms and overuse of heated styling aids.  While you can never completely close the hair cuticle back to where it was, use of the correct products and daily shampooing and conditioning can do a pretty good job of it. Pre-shampoo conditioning treatments can be especially helpful in restoring elasticity and shine and reducing breakage.

HairMax has a range of hair and scalp treatments which can help ranging from a Shampoo and Conditioner to a Revitalizer and Activator. There are also Dietary Supplements to provide essential nutrients to help your hair look its best! 


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