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Are there any side effects to using HairMax Laser Devices?

Are there any side effects to using HairMax Laser Devices?

There have never been any reports of harmful side effects occurring from using the HairMax laser devices, in the past 15 years that the devices have been on the market, nor from the clinical trials. In 2007 HairMax was granted the first ever FDA clearance as a laser phototherapy device for home use to treat hair loss and promote of hair growth. Since this time an unprecidented total of 7 FDA clearances have been granted. There are no other Laser phototherapy device on the market has anywhere near this number FDA Clearances ! Its fair to say there are no side effects to using HairMax Laser Devices !

A common question asked is can HairMax laser devices burn my scalp? The short answer is no as the HairMax laser devices utilise lasers that do not give off heat, so they cannot burn your scalp. Questions have also been raised about the skin cancer but the light energy that can cause cancer is UVA as emitted by sun light. The lasers in the HairMax laser devices have a completely different wave length than UVA, so there is no relationship.

Some people have reported that HairMax laser devices have caused shedding of their hair. Shedding is a natural phase of healthy hair growth. Treatment with the devices can cause some users to experience shedding during the first few weeks of use, as the laser energy causes the hair follicle to shed damaged hairs and regrow healthy ones. Shedding is actually a positive sign that the HairMax laser device is beginning to work to regrow new, healthy hair. If you were to stop using the device, your hair would return to where it was before you began treatment.

The hair growth cycle consists of three phases: Growth (Anagen), Transition (Catagen) and Resting (Telogen). At any given time, 10-20% of your hair is in the Catagen or Telogen phase waiting to be shed and replaced by an active Anagen hair (similar to the way a baby tooth is pushed out by a permanent tooth). HairMax energizes and stimulates hair follicles in the Catagen (transition) and Telogen (resting) phases causing a new Anagen hair to be formed.

Remember not to overuse the device. Using the HairMax laser devices more often does not improve results or make them appear faster. Although the healthy laser light provided by the devices are safe and gentle ussing the devices more often can over-stimulate the hair follicles which may diminish the results seen.

You can be confident there are no side effects from using HairMax laser devices and best of all, it's drug free ! To maintain results, you have to continue using the HairMax laser devices indefinitely on a consistent basis to continue to see positive benefits.

Close to 1 million men and women have purchased the HairMax laser devices around the world and remember that HairMax is backed with five-month money-back customer satisfaction guarantee (less restocking charge) giving you time to judge results.

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