How The Lasers Work

There are over 13 million men and women in the U.K. suffering from hereditary hair loss. At we understand the impact of hair loss on people’s lives and have dedicated our efforts in providing safe and effective, ‘state of the art’ hair growth products.

HairMax works through the process of Photo Biostimulation. It uses safe, nourishing low level laser light energy to stimulate the hair follicles at a cellular level. This helps to promote hair growth and extend your hair’s natural growth cycle. Your hair will grow fuller, denser, longer and stronger!

Therapeutic light energy is delivered directly to your hair follicles through the highest quality medical-grade lasers. Patented hair parting teeth (exclusive to HairMax) part your hair to ensure that the light energy reaches your scalp.

All HairMax devices use the same Medical Grade Laser diodes, which emit light at a near-infrared wavelength of 655nM +/-10nM. This is currently shown to be the most effective wavelength for the laser light to penetrate the skin to the depth of the hair follicle.

The HairMax Laser devices use a treatment known as Low-Level Laser Treatment (LLLT). This means the amount of energy being emitted is relatively low. The same wavelength of light can have multiple medical uses and it can have different effects depending on the power level used. For example, laser hair removal can use the same wavelength as HairMax devices, but use a much higher power laser. HairMax devices do not have the capacity to reach higher levels of power and don’t produce heat, so there is no risk the devices will cause hair removal!

HairMax lasers emit light within the visible light spectrum which is commonly called near-infrared or red light. All visible and non-visible light is a form of electromagnetic radiation and the word Laser stands for light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation. While the word radiation is normally associated with having potentially serious harmful effects, the wavelength of light that is emitted is safe to be used for this treatment and has no harmful side effects.

Some so called “Laser” devices use LEDs to emit red light. While LED devices can still be effective, the wavelength of light emitted covers a wider range. This means some light will be outside the effective wavelength for the treatment. LEDs are much cheaper than Medical Grade Lasers, which is why HairMax Laser devices are more expensive.

Other hair devices may use UV light. UV Light is a different wavelength of light to the near-infrared or red light used in HairMax devices. However, UV Light does not energize hair follicles & stimulate hair growth in the same way that HairMax Laser Devices can. UV light has been previously used as a treatment for Alopecia Areata, but is no longer recommended as a viable treatment. This is due to UV light being ineffective and having potentially harmful effects on the skin where applied. The relationship between UV light and skin cancer is well known, and this type of treatment can increase the risk of skin cancer. UV Light cannot be used to treat Male or Female Pattern Baldness.

With 14 International Medical Device Licenses and 7 FDA Clearances since 2007, HairMax® is the first home-use Laser Photo Therapy device that has been reviewed by the FDA and cleared for the treatment of Androgenetic Alopecia (pattern hair loss), caused by hormonal or hereditary factors in both males and females.

Seven clinical studies with 460 subjects were conducted with HairMax at top medical research centres in the USA. Over 90% of participants experienced significant hair growth with an average increase of 129 additional hairs per sq. inch.

This drug-free hair loss treatment has shown no adverse side effects since HairMax entered the market in 2000.

We believe in our HairMax Laser devices and the benefits they provide so much that we back it with a full 6-month money back guarantee. Use HairMax for a full 6 months, if you are not completely satisfied with the results, return it for a refund *20% restocking fee applies.

6 month money back guarantee