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What is the difference between the HairMax Laser Devices?

What is the difference between the HairMax Laser Devices?

One for the most frequently asked questions we get asked is what is the difference between all of the laser devices? So let's compare the differences between the LaserBand's (41 & 82) and the LaserComb's ( Prima 7 & Ultima 12)

Before we start though, let's talk about what is the same ! All of the HairMax laser devices use the same medical grade lasers, which means you are getting exactly the same treatment whichever laser device you pick.

The lasers work by a process of PhotoBioStimulation which is similar to photosynthesis which causes growth in plants. Light is energy and HairMax lasers delivers therapeutic nourishing light to your hair follicles which deeply stimulates the root at a cellular level. This boost of laser light revitalises and enlivens weakened follicles, stimulates growth factors, reverses the thinning process and extends your natural growth cycle to regrow your hair. Whichever device you choose, the treatment is exactly the same ! 

On top of this, all HairMax devices are FDA cleared for both men and women and all come with a 5 month money back guarantee and a two year warranty.

So what's different?
The look of the LaserBand's and the LaserComb's are quite different. The LaserBand is a hands free device, designed to rest on your head whereas the the LaserComb is hand-held laser device to be held in the position your require.

The main difference between all the devices is the number of lasers that are used in the device - the more lasers you have, the less time you need to use with the laser device. Once device has 82 lasers which means a treatment time of 90 seconds whereas another device has 7 lasers which means a treatment time of 15 minutes. Does it mean that anyone laser device is a better treatment option that then other? The answer to that is no, but you might use one longer than the other.

So to recap, all HairMax laser devices deliver the same energy which has been proven to effectively treat hair loss, thinning hair, and stimulate hair growth. The only difference is in the treatment times!

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