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Unfortunately, while hair during pregnancy tends to be healthy, shiny, and stronger than ever, post pregnancy begs a different story. If you’re not prepared with pregnancy facts, it can come as a huge surprise when you begin to lose hair after the baby is born.

So how can you properly prepare for what’s to come? Read on to learn about common pregnancy myths, hair loss during pregnancy, and what you can do to help your hair after giving birth…

Pregnancy & Hair Loss

There are certain things that happen to your body during pregnancy that not every woman loves; luckily the way hair looks and feels during pregnancy is not one of these things…

Hair normally grows in three stages: active growth, resting, and shedding. During pregnancy though, the increased estrogen hormones in your body cause this cycle to shift, and hair that would normally shed continues to stay in the growing or resting phase. Therefore, hair that would normally fall out stays in, resulting in longer and thicker hair.

Some women even experience shinier hair, or a change in texture during pregnancy. Although these pregnancy facts about hair sound pretty incredible, unfortunately continued growth and thicker hair doesn’t last forever. Once the baby is born, hair begins to return to its normal cycle, and with it comes some unexpected hair woes…

Hair Fall Out Post-Pregnancy

While hair fall out post-pregnancy is nothing to look forward to, it’s also completely normal and should not be cause for alarm. About three to six months after giving birth is when you can expect to see a change in your hair. As you hair returns to its normal hair cycle and estrogen levels decrease, the hair that never went through the shedding process finally begins to shed, and hair fall out can be quick and sudden. Shedding while you’re recovering from pregnancy is normal and healthy, and doesn’t mean you’re deficient in nutrients or vitamins. Normally hair returns to its regular cycle within six months, but for some women it can take up to a year.

Even though some aspects of your post-pregnancy life can be overwhelming, we have some great hair tips and tricks you can use to help during this recovery process…

Products to Help with Post-Pregnancy Hair Loss

It may feel like the end of the world when you begin to lose hair post-pregnancy, but there are a couple of different options available to you that can help during this stressful time. The first thing that you can do for your hair is start taking hair loss supplements. HairMax Dietary Supplements provide essential nutrients to help your hair look its best! They also strengthen nails and contribute to healthy looking skin. A hair, skin, and nails vitamin that contains biotin and keratin will help promote healthy hair growth while nourishing existing hair follicles. For new hair to grow, it needs to be supported and strengthened, and a hair loss supplement will help ensure the body is replete with the nutrients needed for that extra support. It’s important to make sure you are taking a hair loss supplement twice a day so that your hair and body can achieve the maximum benefits possible. 

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