June 19, 2017 2 min read

People tend to notice that their hair starts to thin as they age, while others notice that their hair falls out for varying reasons. Many try unsuccessful hair loss treatments or other hair growth products. Some hide their hair loss  by wearing a hat, toupee, or another hair piece. However, there is another solution.  You may be doubtful that any hair loss treatment will work for you. Or, you may believe that any treatment that could work is too expensive, time consuming or risky. Many people suffering from pattern hair loss, do not realise that there is an effective NON-DRUG treatment that has been found to be as effective as minoxidil and finasteride. Coming to terms with thinning hair or pattern baldness is never easy. People typically notice more hair in the drain when taking a shower and a different texture to their hair. This prompts them to try over-the-counter medications with little success. 

As the only FDA cleared laser light home treatment for both men and women, HairMax LaserComb and LaserBand is an ideal solution to hair loss that has been proven to regrow hair in those with pattern hair loss, that continue to leave customers satisfied and proud of their hair once again. Those that are concerned about hair loss should consider using this product instead of drugs. The fact is that Hairmax is on the cutting edge of hair loss technology. Here is what the product can do for you.

  • Energize Follicles
  • Strengthen Weak Hair
  • Increases Scalp Blood Flow
  • Stimulate Hair Growth
  • And Much More!

If you’re not ready to accept permanent hair loss, but need a product that offers a real solution, look into the HairMax LaserBand & LaserComb to learn more about this safe and effective therapy.

Other Important Treatments for Hair Restoration

HairMax® for den•si•ty Products are the perfect complement to treatment with the HairMax LaserComb. Four high performance products that deliver unparalleled results. Designed to cleanse, nourish, revitalize and fortify your follicles for denser, thicker, fuller looking hair. These hair & scalp treatments combine innovative formulas with leading edge technology specially targeted for thinning hair. HairMax for den•si•ty Collection includes the HairMax for den•si•ty Shampoo, Revitalizer, Conditioner and Activator.

HairMax Essential Dietary Supplements are scientifically formulated by some of the world’s leading hair growth researchers and recommended by physicians worldwide. Promotes shinier, thicker hair, strengthens nails and contributes to healthy looking skin. Blended with clinically proven hair strengtheners to complement the laser hair loss treatment provided by the HairMax LaserComb. We recommend that both men and women take essential dietary supplements every day. We designed the vitamins to complement the laser therapy by including several hair fortifying agents.
Don’t suffer with hair loss or thinning hair anymore. Get these effective hair regrowth treatment products now and start taking action to combat your hair loss.

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