November 20, 2018 2 min read

Whether you are trying to avoid chemicals or are just looking to experiment with some new hair care products, try natural oils such as coconut, argan, almond, olive and grapeseed. These are some of the best oils for hair health and can be used directly on the skin and hair.


Argan Oil –

Ideal for:Dry, brittle, frizzy or coarse hair that is frequently styled and exposed to heat. It’s also ideal for people with hair that tends to get greasy.

Benefits:Argan oil protects hair against damage from UV rays and heat. It also moisturises and smooths hair, making it soft and manageable and imparting a lustrous shine.

Coconut Oil –

Ideal for:All hair types, but particularly those with dry, damaged or dull hair. Coconut oil works well for those wishing to repair brittle hair and split ends, and is recommended for people with slow hair growth.

Benefits:Coconut oil has many benefits, including protecting against heat damage and repairing damaged and broken hair. Using it regularly also helps prevent hair loss and promotes healthy hair growth and a healthy scalp. Coconut oil improves the look of hair by helping it retain moisture and adding a beautiful, healthy shine.

Grapeseed Oil –

Ideal for:Dry, dull hair and brittle hair, hair that is prone to getting greasy and dandruff-prone hair. It is also effective at combating hair loss.

Benefits: Grapeseed oil moisturises and conditions hair. It also makes hair strong and healthy and is effective in treating frizz and split ends. Grapeseed oil is helpful in fighting dandruff and reduces scalp inflammation in those who suffer from dermatitis. In addition, it blocks the production of DHT, a hormone that causes hair loss. The high content of Vitamin E in grapeseed oil encourages the production of linoleic acid, which helps restore strength and shine to weak and brittle hair.

Olive Oil –

Ideal for:Damaged, dull, dry or frizzy hair, as well as hair that is dandruff-prone.

Benefits:Olive oil protects against heat damage, imparts a sleek look and shine, moisturises and gives damaged and broken hair a healthy appearance.

What to consider when using natural oils in hair?

  • Always use natural oils whenever possible, they won’t contain any chemicals or non-natural ingredients.
  • Check the ingredients. Be sure to read the label to check that there are no hidden chemicals or unnatural ingredients.
  • Consider Hair types. Every hair type is different, and it may take you a while to figure out which oil is best.
  • Don’t use too much as hair can become greasy.

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