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As we grow older the idea we do naturally worry about some form of hair loss. Worrying about hair loss or hair thinning is very common, and this leads to a huge amount of misinformation being passed around regarding the topic. At the first sign of hair loss or thinning your first instinct might be to run Dr Google on the Internet and go down the rabbit hole of hair loss remedies.

The first thing to point out is that everyone’s bodies, and thus hair, are different. You can easily find hundreds of different so-called remedies for hair loss, but the truth is that there are few solutions that are clinically proven to work. The second point is that worrying about hair loss is actually one of the worst things you can do as stress has been found to wreak havoc on the hair follicles, which can, in turn, lead to hair loss getting worse.

We have compiled a list for you of the top hair loss myths to help you decide which treatments have some merit and which are just wrong !

Sunburns Lead To Hair Loss
Just like your skin, your hair does have the possibility to catch a sunburn. Sunburnt hair often times becomes dry and damaged, and at the worst it could become so brittle it breaks off. However, any sort of hair loss due to sunburn is not permanent, and that hair will grow back strong and healthy. So no – sunburns to your hair will not lead to general hair loss.

There Is No Cure For Hair Loss
This is kind of a loaded myth. What I mean by that is that while there is no definitive cure for all forms of hair loss, there are plenty of treatments out there that can help reverse hair loss and kick-start natural hair growth. An FDA Cleared, treatment that is proven to work is laser phototherapy – it may not “cure” hair loss, but it can reverse thinning and stimulate new hair growth.

Hats Lead to Baldness
One of the most popular myths over time has been that wearing a hat will lead to baldness. This is absolutely NOT TRUE. The most common factors leading to hair loss are genetics and hormonal changes. Wearing a hat will most certainly not make you lose your hair.

If You Over-Shampoo Your Hair You Can Go Bald
There is a common misunderstanding between over-shampooing your hair and baldness. Firstly, over-shampooing with harsh shampoos can lead to your hair becoming brittle and dry. Secondly, it is perfectly natural to lose some hair while you are shampooing as our hair does naturally shed. Most shampoos contain Sulfates, which are very harsh, especially on thinning, fragile hair. It’s best to use sulfate free shampoos, which are much more gentle on thinning hair and will strip out essential oils that help keep your hair healthy.

Hair Loss Can Start In Your Teens
While rare, it is absolutely possible for teens to begin losing their hair. If this is the case, you should absolutely consult a doctor to confirm whether you have male pattern baldness or if your hair loss is the result of a medical issue.

Smoking and Drinking Can Make You Bald
While most of our list are false myths, smoking, and drinking leading to hair loss is actually somewhat true. It should be pointed out though that this is more correlative though, meaning that if you smoke and drink in excess you are often causing your body to become unhealthy which can then, in turn, lead to hair loss or thinning.

Blow Drying Your Hair Can Make You Lose Hair
Blow drying your hair will not make you directly lose your hair, however, we do need to point out that blow drying your hair can burn and damage your hair. Damaged or burnt hair can then break off, however, it does not mean you are actually losing your hair.

Stress Will Make You Lose Your Hair
Absolutely TRUE. If you are stressed or going through a lot of anxiety it is very common to experience hair loss. Overstress can cause hair follicles to enter a resting phase, and stop growing all together. If you are noticing hair loss during a heavy stress point in your life, we suggest pairing yoga or meditation with some hair loss vitamins to help reduce the stress while naturally kick-starting normal hair growth.

In the end, we recommend NOT trusting everything you read online regarding hair loss and hair loss treatments. If you are worried about hair loss or your hair thinning, you should consult a doctor to see what treatments are available for your type of hair loss. You can also begin supplementing in vitamins and other clinically proven hair growth treatments – such as HairMax laser phototherapy hair growth treatments – to stimulate hair follicles and restore natural hair growth. Be sure to look for treatments that are Approved or Cleared by the FDA, as this validates the safety and effectiveness of the treatment. Hair loss can be a tough pill to swallow, however with the right treatment you can reverse the effects of hair loss and go back to having a confident full head of hair!

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